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Alan B. and Joyce E. McLean Fund

Anniversary Fund

Anonymous Fund

Barbara & Don Ring Memorial Bursary

Belleisle Valley Health Centre Fund

Bill Gale Bursary Fund

Board of Directors Fund

Brian and Susan (Trafton) Moore Fund

Brian Lund Memorial Fund

C. N. Wilson Fund

Carleton Kirk Lodge Fund

Centenary-Queen Square United Church Trust Fund

CFUW-Saint John Scholarship Fund

Charles FW Starkey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Children's Aid Fund

Community Fund

Constable Doug Larche Memorial Bursary Fund

Constable Doug Larche Memorial Bursary Fund FR

Constable Royce Isenor Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cook Family Fund

D. Anne and John S. Mackeen Bursary Fund

Daniel F. Johnson Memorial Scholarships in History Fund

Dickson Family Fund

Doug Elliott H.O.P.E. Centre Fund

Dr. J. P. and Anita McInerney Family Fund

Dr. Joseph and Renée Arditti Family Neurosciences Fund

Dr. Malcolm M. Somerville Bursaries in Business Fund

Dr. Malcolm Somerville Supplemental Bursary Fund

Ericka Low Fund

Faye Somers Fund

Gail B. Kaye Fund

Garfield T. Meltzer-Jewish War Veterans Scholarship Fund

Gerry McMackin Fund

Gladys and Samuel Davis Fund

Gregory J. Bangay Memorial Bursary Fund

Harbour Passage Fund

Human Development Council Fund

Jack Kidd Family-Saint John Boys & Girls Club Fund

Jack, Lois and Cindy Kidd Bursaries Fund

James M. Crosby Fund

Jane and David Barry Administrative Fund

Jane Armstrong and Lawrence Earl Fund

Jervis Bay-Ross Memorial Park Fund

Jim Connolly Bursary Fund

John Kelly Recreation Bursary Fund

Joshua Porter Gunn Bursary Fund

Judge John A. and Julia P. Barry Fund

Lantalum Foundation Fund

MacDonald Family Fund

Margaret Willis Awards Fund

Marie Walsh Clock Fund

Milton & Patricia Bassen Bursary Fund

Nancy Ann Harper Fisher Fund

Old Ladies Home of Saint John Fund

Paul Grannan Fund

Professional Visual Artists' Fund

Rachael Dawn Duffley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rita McCarthy Fund

Robert Callandar Wyse Trust Fund

Roland and Louise Black Fund

Saint John Country Music Legacy Fund

Saint John Jewish Historical Museum Fund

Saint John Law Society Fund

Saint John Theatre Company "Staging the Future" Fund

St. Barnabas Chapel of Ease Fund

Stompin’ Tom Connors Fund

Super Steel Band Bursary Fund

Suzanne Doyle-Yerxa Award Fund

Sweet Caroline Fund

Thomas & Joan Kennedy Arts & Culture Fund

Thomas L. McGloan, Q. C. Fund

Turnbull (NB) Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Fund

United Church of Canada's Wesleyan Burial Ground Perpetual Care Fund

Walter and Joan Flewelling Fund

Wesleyan Burial Ground Supplemental Fund