Key Industries

Snoezelen Room at Key Industries.

Snoezelen Room at Key Industries.

“Over the years we have received support … and it has enabled us to grow and meet the needs of people with disabilities in our community.” – Christine Evans, President and CEO, Key Industries.

Key Industries in Saint John provides social, community and economic services to those with disabilities. The result is people empowerment. Not hard to get behind that.

We checked in with President and CEO of Key Industries Christine Evans, to see the changes they’ve implemented with this year’s grant. Evans and her team put in a request with the Greater Saint John Community Foundation for over $10,000 for the update of their Snoezelen Relaxation Room.

A Snoezelen room provides therapeutic relaxation for those with disabilities like ADHD, aggression, autism, mental illness and severe anxiety. With repeated use, it helps reduce stress, anxiety and helps temper aggressive behavior.

For those living with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disorders, the Snoezelen room helps increase dexterity and muscle control. It also increases creative thinking and provides mental and sensory stimulation through the use of multimodal experiences.  Ultimately, the room improves self-control and increases the overall happiness of its user.

Key Industries was granted $7,500 for the project, an amount that will make continuing the services provided in the Snoezelen room possible.

“I was so pleased that we were awarded [this] funding,” says Evans. “[The] room is an integral part of our programs and increases quality of life for everyone.”

The project will be completed late this fall. “We have some of the items purchased but are waiting for a couple of items that are on order,” says Evans. The annual grants received from the Community Foundation help in the continued growth of the services and programs offered by Key Industries.

Their social programs include art, music, community connections, life skills, volunteering, computer classes, health and wellness, community choir and social events. They also provide employment and opportunities to gain skills needed for those with an employment goal. Pre-employment programs include skills needed in the workplace and Elite support services provide one-on-one support for those with complex needs.