Reasons to Give

1.      We are local.

We live here. Our donors live here. Our recipients live here. We support a growing number of local charities and students every year.

2.      We are connected.
Because we are truly local, we are connected to our community’s needs. We play an integral role in many community leadership initiatives. We can responsively address needs, fill gaps, and fund progress.

3.       We listen.
We fund programs and projects that address our community’s priorities. Even some that would not otherwise get off the ground. But further to that, we help our donors create the kind of fund that fits with their goals and vision.

4.      We care.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of talented, passionate residents of Greater Saint John. Each Director is committed to our core values of trust, stewardship and leadership.

5.      We are flexible.
We work with the professional advising community to create and accommodate a wide variety of donation options.

6.      We are relationship builders.
We liaise regularly with the professional advising community here in Greater Saint John, providing them with the information they need to inform their clients of their philanthropic options and the benefits associated with giving.

7.      We focus on impact.
We support grant recipients who demonstrate strong, sustainable impact for our community. We know even a very small grant can have a tremendously large impact.

8.      Pooling for benefit.
Donations to our Community Fund have the benefit of strength in numbers. By pooling resources, we can generate bigger returns over time – which in turn means more money goes back to our community.

9.      Always.
Always is a long time – but that is at the very core of how we are structured. Our funds are designed to last in perpetuity, which means the Greater Saint John community can count on our continued support.

10.   Shining a light…
Our granting process shines a bright light on Greater Saint John’s finest not-for-profit organizations, promoting the great work that they do, and the positive impact they have in our community.

Every donation makes a difference.

We encourage you to contact our Executive Director for more information on our funds, or to design one that is just the right fit for you.