Establish a fund  

At The Community Foundation, we offer a variety of fund types you can create.

A Named Fund

A Named Fund is a fund that exists within the Community Fund and is named for a specific person or cause.  Those who create a Named Fund within the Community Fund do two things - they name a fund that provides a lasting legacy and they keep the funds unrestricted allowing the earnings to be used to address the evolving needs of the community.

A Designated Fund

A Designated Fund is a fund that is established to benefit something specific within our community.  The earnings from that fund can only be used to support that specific purpose.  These funds require a fund agreement, specifying granting criteria and other details, be put in place.  Often donors establish designated funds to honour a loved one.

Two types of Designated Funds:

1)  A designated fund to support a local charity.

2)  A designated fund to support local students through scholarships and bursaries.

For a full list of all our funds, please click here.

We encourage you to contact our Executive Director for more information on our funds, or to design one that is just the right fit for you.