Donate to a fund

First of all, thank you. Your donation means a great deal to our community.

1: How am I able to donate?

By Cheque 

A donation by cheque is a wonderful way to give. We will be sure to send you a charitable donation tax receipt. If you would like to donate to a specific fund, please indicate the name of the Fund in the memo portion of your cheque. 

 By Credit Card

For donors who wish to donate using a credit card, please click the DONATE NOW button at the top of the  page. This link will send you to, a secure site that will process a donation on our behalf. You can even designate which Fund you want your money donated to. You will receive a charitable donation receipt from Canada Helps.

 Publicly Traded Securities

Did you know that if you donate a publicly traded security, such as a common share of a Canadian corporation, any taxable capital gain is reduced to zero? We can work with you and your investment advisor to help you understand the benefits of this type of donation. 

Life Insurance

You may designate The Community Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of your insurance policy, which will allow you to receive a tax receipt for premiums paid.

Your Time

The Community Foundation is always looking for volunteers to support our annual activities and committees. Please contact the office for more information.

2: When would you like to donate?

Right away, but only once

Maybe you have just established a fund with the Foundation and you are making a one-time donation to get it up and running. Maybe you want to reduce your tax burden for this year, and you are ready to make a one-time donation. Maybe you took up a collection at work and you’ve got some money to give. We are here to help.

Right away, and ongoing

Maybe you have established a fund and you need to make regular donations over time to get the principal up to its sustainable granting level. Perhaps you would like to develop a relationship with one of our existing funds, and help it grow over time. We can work with your bank or financial advisor to set up direct deposit and other tools to help you achieve these goals.

As a Bequest

Philanthropy can be an important tool in estate planning. We will work with you, your lawyer and financial planner to help you designate a bequest in your last will and testament – one that will establish a lasting legacy for you and your family.

 3: What fund would you like to donate to?

You will need to select a fund to donate to – whether you choose a fund you create, the Community Fund, or one or more of our designated funds. You can be sure the money will be put to good use. Regardless of which fund you choose to donate to, all funds are pooled and managed together for maximum financial benefit.

The Community Fund

The Community Fund is a multi-million dollar fund, made up of both large and small donations collected over the years from a variety of sources. This is considered an unrestricted fund, which means the earnings from the Fund can be granted to any qualified donee that impacts Greater Saint John, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. This enables the Foundation to respond to the current needs of the Greater Saint John community. The Community Fund is one of the most flexible and impactful philanthropic tools at our community’s disposal. Being a part of it is an exciting thing. 

A Named Fund within our Community Fund

A Named Fund is a fund that exists within the Community Fund and is named for a specific person or cause. Those who create a Named Fund within the Community Fund do two things – they name a fund that provides a lasting legacy and they keep the funds unrestricted allowing the earnings to be used to address the evolving needs of the community.

A Designated Fund

A Designated Fund is a fund that is established to benefit something specific within our community.  The earnings from that fund can only be used to support that specific purpose. These funds require a fund agreement, specifying granting criteria and other details, be put in place. Often donors establish designated funds to honour a loved one.

Two types of Designated Funds:

1)      A designated fund to support a local charity.

2)      A designated fund to support local students through scholarships and bursaries.

For a full list of all our funds, please click here

We encourage you to contact our Executive Director for more information on our funds, or to design one that is just the right fit for you.