The Saint John Jewish Historical Museum Fund

An appreciation of the development and interconnections of religion, culture, family and business in Saint John’s Jewish community within our community at large has been enhanced for locals and visitors. The mandate of the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum is  to  collect,  display,  preserve  articles  related  to  Saint  John’s  Jewish  community,  educate  and  provide  a  research facility for genealogists, historians, and religious scholars.

Saint John’s Jewish Community took a momentous step, relocating the Synagogue and Museum to a heritage property at 91 Leinster Street, once renowned as the Peters and Emerson homes, and later, Castle Funeral Home. Katherine Biggs-Craft states: “Having a new home has generated new interest in sustaining the community that remains. There is a cautious optimism that the community may grow in the coming years.” 

Contributors who wish to support the Saint John Jewish Historical Fund are welcome to augment through the Greater Saint John Community Foundation.

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