The Rachael Dawn Duffley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rachael Dawn Duffley was born on Sunday, December 3, 1989. A hard worker, Rachael applied the same dedication and commitment to any task she tackled; whether babysitting, refereeing basketball, selling strawberries, serving tables, tutoring students, assembling equipment, or planting trees, she worked diligently and with integrity―always striving to do better!


Rachael’s family has established the Rachael Dawn Duffley Memorial Scholarship Fund as a lasting memorial to her commitment to family, youth, education, sport and the Greater Saint John area.  Future recipients will be graduates of Belleisle Regional High School, entering a post-secondary education institution.  Academic success, leadership qualities, extracurricular/community/athletic involvement, and financial need shall form the criteria for consideration in awarding the scholarship.

Contributors to the Rachael Dawn Duffley Memorial Scholarship Fund can support scholarships through contributions to the Fund established in her memory at any time. 

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