The Gladys and Samuel Davis Fund

Gladys (Wiezel) Davis (1918-1974) and Samuel Davis (1914-1996) were both born in Saint John. They were children of immigrants who settled here early in the 20th Century.  Born during the First World War and growing up during the Great Depression, they knew the meaning of hardship.  With hard work and parental guidance they were able to complete high school and university and become active members of their community. 


The Gladys and Samuel Davis Fund was established by Gary Davis in memory of his parents.  Its purpose is to help needy young people in the Saint John area.  The fund will be managed by The Greater Saint John Community Foundation.  The revenue from this permanently endowed fund will provide grants for charitable groups that directly help youth aged 12-20.

Gary hopes that this fund will make a difference in the lives of young people in Saint John, and that it will “give something back” for many years to come.

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